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Odessa Conference. English Version - photo report

IVAO is a free organisation for people who love aviation.
When you come to IVAO, you expect to getting a quality control service and convenient programs for flying, support forum, and a lot of useful information.

There is something that is hidden and not visible at first sight, and at the same time there is the greatest asset in our organisation. IVAO is a big friendly family.
When you come to our organisation you automatically find a lot of virtual friends! You can chat with them every day and do not even see over the years. Imagine the situation then you meet in real your old virtual friend! This is a very pleasant moment!

We call this type of real meeting "conference" and we made one in Odessa.
Our first IVAO Real Meeting - "Odessa Virtual Aviation Conference" was happened 18-19th of May 2013.

People from different divisions but united into the one airline met on "Odessa Virtual Aviation Conference" real meeting.

We lived there together for two days. We made the interview to local media, discussed new simulators projects, made demonstration flights for press and shared features of the network.. We made ATC demonstration for the press and explain to them how IVAO can help for the students of aviation universities and aviation enthusiasts in private schools.

Together we enjoyed the IVAO successes, walked around the beautiful streets of Odessa, and proud having the IVAO logo on our chests.

We proud to be a part of IVAO

Short promotional video for 5 minutes. You can watch what's happened this days:

This story started in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine 17th of May
There Andrii, Stanislav and Vladimir during few weeks made preparing the idea and all the stuff for Odessa conference. This night will be long trip from Kiev to Odessa where people from 3 different Divisions will ride by two car from the capital to south touristic city.
The main person of AUI (VA Ukraine International) is CEO and he lives in Germany.
Mr. Daniel flyed from EDDF to UKBB and then continued his trip with the team to Odessa.
AUI Odessa conference badges for participants. The first stop was Odessa Railroad Station, where we pick up few our participant: IVAO GA/NPO member Igor Tkachenko and AUI member Yura Ozimin from Dnipropetrovsk, IVAO UA-EAC Andriy Biscup from Lviv. They came to Odessa by train. Odessa railroad station, where we pick up participant. After long trip we was very hungry so decision was drive to central part of the city for small breakfast. Igor Tkachenko, AUI CO-CEO and IVAO GA/NPO member Igor Tkachenko and Andrii Bogoslavets Daniel and Andrii Bogoslavets Even the desire to sleep after driving night can't prevent the desire to be at the conference Some typical old man from Odessa, welcome us to small garden inside the street. Vladimir, Yaroslava, Andrii, Daniel and typical old man from Odessa And we was happy to learn and watch culture of Odessa. He was told to us about Odessa and we was told to him about IVAO =) Andrii Bogoslavets and Igor Tkachenko have discussion about IVAO future. Next place for stop is Odessa National University, where we have the room for our conference. Sergey Afonin was preparing all stuff for the conference, coffee break, conference room, etc. We was so glad to see him. Some of AUI members know him for 5 year, but meet him in real life for first time. Yuriy Ozimin at the conference Daniel at the conference happy to be part of conference Yaroslava Skripalovskaya at the conference Preparing part before the press will come. Andriy Biscup, UA-EAC present new IVAO VA Ukraine international advert video and prepare IVAC for work. Andriy Biscup at the conference IVAC installing Vladimir Chirko controlled process Daniel and Andrey Biscup disscuss AUI plans Video lection about Engines from AUI CEO was interesting to all of us Igor Tkachenko and Daniel watch the video with interest =) Stanislav Braichuk and Tatiana Fedosieieva watching with wondering on the face More explanation about work of engine from CEO Daniel Preparing Simulator stand for local press. This stand have to explain to media, how is it to be pilot in IVAO. How to make communication between atc and pilot and what features IVAO can propose. Andrii Bogoslavets, Stanislav Braichuk, Tatiana Fedoseeva and Vladimir Chirko preparing for flight. Boeing 737-800, Ukraine International 2-5-5 , ready for departure =) Preparing for ATC stand for local press, in time that press take interview from pilot stand Andrey Biscup provides ATC service for several aircrafts on demonstration performance for media and Daniel who assist him. Andrii Bogoslavets explains all movements for press. Andrii Bogoslavets makes presentation about IVAO for local media and explains how IVAO works from members vision(opinion) side. Igor Tkachenko, IVAO GA/NPO member gives interview and explains about IVAO VZW to local media. Yaroslava learns the situation about media advertisement And has discussion with Daniel A lot of discussion about aviation, Odessa airport and more more more… Just look the foto. The participants decide to send t-shirt with own signatures to IVAO VZW headquarters. Thanks to IVAO we met and this is the way to say "thanks" and send regards to NPO that today we have possibility to be together. IVAO - is a big and friendly family =) After conference we start to explore Odessa city. The most known place in Odessa. Chair on deribasovskaya street from satirical novel [url=]The Twelve Chairs[/url] UA-EAC, Andriy Biscup in Odessa City Garden Andrii Bogoslavets, Yaroslava Skripalovskaya, Daniel in Odessa City Garden ARDEBAT, ANNO - MCMLXVII RESTITUTUM Odessa Teater Then the participant walking around Odessa And then we made after party in the apartment, with we rent in the centrum =) Happy faces of the participants. Day after conference more members has been join to us. And we continue revealing by Odessa. Sergey Afonin, Andrey Biscup, Aleksandr Baranuk, Yuriy Ozimin, Daniel , Andrii Bogoslavets, Vladimir Chirko Andrii + Yaroslava =) Andrii and Andrey Vladimir, Aleksander, Andrii, Andrey Girls Vladimir Chirko, Aleksander Baranuk, Andrii Bogoslavets, the last participants in Odessa. It was so difficult to say goodbye. Here the place where you can have rest and have fun with people who really like you. Love the sky, have fun from ATC and happy for flying. One of the car, with back to Kiev by night.

Thanks to everyone who support us for this conference and who took part.
Thanks to IVAO GA/NPO member Igor Tkachenko, and AUI members: Andrii Bogoslavets, Stanislav Braichuk, Vladimir Chirko, Daniel , Sergey Afonin, Andrey Biscup, Yuriy Ozimin, Tatiana Fedosieieva, Yaroslava Skripalovskaya, Aleksandr Baranuk, Yura Lavrov, Ruslan Reznikov, Vladimir Kravchenko, Oleksiy Bilash, Mihail Kyzuk for helping in organisation.

It was very nice time, which we will be remember for all our life. We hope that next year more IVAO members can join "Odessa Virtual Aviation Conference".

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